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Show Me Imprints is a family-owned custom print shop that specializes in screen printing, embroidery, pad printing, sublimation printing, and custom vinyl. But we are not your typical print & stitch shop. We are a business with purpose.


Our Story

At the age of 23, Show Me Imprints’ founder, Jay Goehring, battled familial polyposis, a type of colon cancer. For two years he battled through surgery after surgery, before beating the illness. Fast-forward to today, he has been clean for the past 20 years.

Now, Jay is devoted to combining his entrepreneurial personality with the desire to positively impact the community, especially the local Colon Cancer Foundation by donating part of the profits and supporting the foundation’s activities once we determine which one we will partner with here in the St Louis area.


Our Mission

Show Me Imprints is on a mission to provide a high quality custom service at affordable prices. We are a one stop shop for everything related to printing and stitching. Here, you can find everything you need, knowing that we will go above and beyond to make your vision a reality.

We actually listen to your needs, no matter how complex they may seem. Behind the scenes, we work in unison to understand your vision and create a final product that you will be proud to share with the world.

And the best part? We do it with purpose.


Our Vision

Looking ahead, we want to continue to grow and become your go-to source when it comes to custom printing and stitching.

However, no matter how much we grow and adapt in the years ahead, our commitment to give back to the community, begin donating to the local Colon Cancer Foundation, and offer a personalized service to all our clients will remain unchanged.

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